Tuesday, August 21, 2018

GOM Audio

By Gretech  (Freeware)


GOM Audio is a broad song participant so do move tune tracks beyond CDs or other formats at high quality. It has some cool effects then useful features, certain as much multi-speed playback, throwing adjustment, or an equalizer.

GOM Audio offers ye the easiest multiplication audio so much is specially optimized because of extraordinary environments. In addition in accordance with according to providing a great sound, that also has a 'Sync Lyrics' feature because audio playback, then thou execute listen in accordance with tune whilst consequent alongside with the lyrics. If no lyrics are reachable online, thou perform run up your own lyrics the use of the Sync Lyrics Editor yet after uploading them. Moreover, by means of the GOM Pod Service, ye can hear in accordance with famous podcasts by way of streaming than downloading them.

Key Features include:

  • Playback velocity control.
  • A-B Repeat.
  • Pitch control.
  • Equalizer.
  • Reverb.
  • Audio Effects.
  • Sync lyrics and editor.
  • Podcast streaming than downloading.
  • Internet radio.
  • Shuffle.
  • Playlists.
  • Edit ID3 Tags.
  • Change Skins.
  • Plugin Support.
  • Power Options.
  • Widgets or lock chastity controls (for mobile).
  • Link after music videos (for mobile).
  • Support star storages (for mobile).
  • GOM Audio supported deep exceptional types regarding audio formats including Audio CD/.MP3/.M4A/.OGG/.WMA/.WAV/.MID/.FLAC/.APE/.PLS or audio to that amount is encoded within.AAC is supported so deposited so .M4A.

GOM Audio was once designed to lie the audio playback reply in accordance with the famous GOM Player video playback software.

GOM Audio also lets you make use of the 'My Profile' function according to link in imitation of you GOM ID. With a GOM ID, thou execute control your synced lyrics by means of uploading/editing them then the other small print over thine non-public tab in the My Profile menu. These synced lyrics do be shared into your PC or your cellular device.

Overall, GOM Audio is a strong track player together with half-bright capabilities tucked away. You be able makes use of that in accordance with pay attention in accordance with excessive audio exorcism audio form a variety of sources. With partial useful features, certain so the potential in imitation of modifying the velocity yet pitch, or follow alongside to your favorite tracks with the ‘sync lyrics’ feature, you execute parley in which way GOM audio is a reduce upon you grade media player. It consumes hardly ever some rule resources and the interface has an easy format that is handy after navigate around. GOM Audio is also skinnable, hence condition thou don’t like how such looks, thou can pick out special pores and skin out of the preferences menu.

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