Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tagstoo 32-bit 1.10.0

By Pablo Andueza  (Open Source


Tags too lets you tag folders then files; originate tags including quite a number shapes and hues because less complicated alignment or with the aid of carrying yet dropping them, tag a file, a folder or every the content material over a folder.

Precise search possibilities, including more than a few input fields, permitting after conjoin all the critical tags so much thou want. For example, within the certain area you be able to add tags ‘cat’ than ‘white’ then into some other subject ye execute assimilate tags ‘dog’ then ‘brown’, and the search end result wishes comeback every hoary cat yet swarthy dogs.


  • Tag Folders or files easily through dragging yet dropping tags made beyond a range about shapes.
  • No installation required. Compatible including Windows, Linux yet Mac OS.
  • Export/import data to a file.
  • Possible according to build over entirely specific searches.
  • Various Viewmodes; besides a list in imitation of cards on one of a kind sizes, after preview folders then files.
  • Multimedia file preview among explorer/searcher. Also Epubs.
  • Integrated photograph spectator that do keep launched on the other hand in accordance with the system's penurity one.
  • Tags positions are interchangeable.
  • For a less llamative interface, thou may select a 'grayscale' mode.

Multimedia file previews into both explorer or enquires outcomes cards. Cover photograph regarding epubs also is shown. For pix each system's non-existence image looker yet program's instant intestinal seer do keep launched alternatively.

Usual bring administration movements via dragging or losing then pressing buttons; copy, move, delete, rename. And bare action button. It is feasible in imitation of export/import tagging information according to a file, therefore information is available into somebody computer.

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