Monday, June 25, 2018


By Binfer  (Freeware)


Binfer is a direct device after machine tightly closed communication yet data switch platform. It consists of File Sharing, Sync, Web Drop, Communication then Private Cloud products. User data is not at all stored regarding any third-party servers.

With Binfer ye can quantity tremendous archives such namely HD video, pictures, or documents, etc. according to anyone upstairs the internet*. The sync equipment permits thou in imitation of Synchronize/backup/replicate statistics in multiple devices. It also comes with Web Drop; a function to that amount lets thou receive big documents directly in imitation of thine pc beyond anyone, with the aid of a net browser.

All it along with a Private Cloud resource that allows ye after trade data in a personal environment, united including Benfer's OTR Chat tool so lets thou speak and aid along with a hundred percent privacy, ye may consult by what means Binfer is a device of preference because many.

Benefits and Features include:
  • Transfer archives on some size and quantity.
  • Reduce shipping time via half.
  • Preserve the privacy and confidentiality concerning your files.
  • Eliminate large e mail affection issues.
  • Transfer at super-fast speeds.
  • AES 256 pain encryption.
  • Auto resume concerning the interrupted transfer.
  • No malware, spyware, and spyware.
  • Receive files out of an internet site at once according to your computer.
  • Drag and decline folders.
  • Send then acquire from in the back of firewalls and NAT devices.
  • Advanced reporting or auditing.
  • Eliminate the price or complexity about FTP consumers yet servers.
  • Easily transfer documents among Windows, Mac, Linux & Android.
  • Improve thine productiveness along with the simplicity regarding email, power regarding FTP, and protection concerning VPN.
  • Binfer is very sure and secure.
  • Transfers are within connected devices only.
  • Files are not stored of Binfer servers.
  • Transfers are encrypted.

Benfer's Reports feature shows clear information over each transfer. Overall, Binfer is a fast, easy after use, practical or period quotation alternative in accordance with server uploads yet e-mail attachments.

Binfer declares so like is no mean software program in the world that makes the domestic action of transferring data then effortless & fun. Why not try that outdoors because yourself in accordance with see proviso you agree?

*Free calculation restricted in imitation of 2GB care of month. Additional applications such as Password Protected Messages are handy upon upgrade.
Note Please: This is the trial version only

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